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How to Calculate Percent Increase in Sales

How to Calculate Percent Increase in Sales

Ever had a moment where you think, 'Wow, sales have really picked up this month!'? Well, there's a way to put a number to that feeling. Calculating the percent increase in sales can give you a clear picture of just how much you've grown.

If numbers and percentages aren't really your thing, don't stress! We're here to guide you through the process step-by-step. By the end of this article, you will have another valuable tool in your belt to better understand and steer your business's growth.

Importance of Calculating Sales Growth

1. Checking the improvement

Business improvement is crucial because it means the business is doing well and the goals are reached. The business will be sustainable at least for the short-term period. Besides, how to calculate percent increase in sales also lets you know which part needs your attention.

2. Examining efficiency

Understanding the efficiency ratio is essential because you can measure whether or not the strategies work well for the business. You can learn how to calculate the percentage increase in sales to know the efficiency in general. You might find the issues in operations and policies that had been made previously.

3. Gaining more investors

If your business needs more investors, measuring the percent increase in sales is the way to attract them. Investors are picky, so they are only attracted to a business that has good sales growth. They will see the percentage before deciding to invest or otherwise. The high percentage can be appealing to them.

4. Seeing the competitive rate

Every business has competitors; therefore, it's essential to assess your own sales growth before comparison. It can be higher or lower than theirs, but the percentage, calculated through the method of calculating percent increase in sales, should serve as motivation. You can check their growth rate as well to compare.

5. Forecasting the revenue

Talking about revenue is always a topic of interest for both internal and external parties. By calculating the percent increase, you can see the level of profitability of the business. Monthly and quarterly revenue growth can be predicted. The team will have insights on improving sales.

How to Calculate Percent Increase in Sales

1. Check net sales

The first step of how to calculate percentage increase in sales revenue is identifying the net sales. You have to collect some data such as the net sales from the recent period and the net sales from the previous period. If the previous period is Q2, then the ratio is the net sales from Q1.

2. Calculating the Difference

After finding the data, you can seek the variable by subtracting Q2 and Q1. The result can be minus or positive,depending on your business's sales performance.

3. Calculating in the formula

The final step of the calculation involves plugging the data into the formula. The formula is:

Percent increase = ((Net sales Q2 – Net sales Q1) / Net sales Q1) x 100

How to Calculate Percent Increase in Sales

1. Be interactive

Nowadays, people turn to social media to get further information about the products or services they need. This has turned it into a crucial consideration for business owners. They will value your business better because they think you are reliable. Social media plays a big role in buying decisions, perceived reliability, and brand popularity.

2. Create a referral code

Customers love discounts, making referral codes appealing. Referral code acts as an invitation for customers to refer others, earning them greater discounts or rewards. By using this method, you also can reach more audiences with the same interests in your products.

3. Be understanding

Customers may have different challenges. Listen to their insights, fears, and desires. Seeking their input is essential to identify areas for improvement..

4. Promote your products

You may have newly-developed products which can help to increase sales growth rate, but it will be useless if you don’t promote them well. Exploring various options, seeing what comps are doing, reviewing previous successful campaigns, are among the first steps to determine the promotion strategy.

5. Guarantee the sales

Customers always have expectations for the items they want to buy. When the items are lower than their expectation, they will be upset and might sound to other customers about the items. You can guarantee your money back, so they can trust you better.

6. Providing payment options

It is important for the business to provide many payment options because the customers are coming from different backgrounds. Some people are more comfortable with credit, some others choose debit payment. If they can easily pay for the items, they can purchase more in the future.

7. Creating edu-content

The sale percentage will increase if you create edu-content for the customers. Some customers might not have the idea that they have some issues. Through edu-content, they might realize that they have issues and that their issues can be solved. This presents a significant challenge for brands in digital media sales.

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8. Training the employees

You have to train your employees to know how to calculate percent increase in sales. After that, they should get more knowledge about the brand's vision, products, and strategies. After all, the employees are your team too. With better motivation, you can generate more sales in the future. Thus, their performance should be monitored. As the business owner or manager, you can measure and track their progress. Additionally, you can monitor recent trends to increase online engagement and reach.

Knowing how to calculate the percent increase in sales is essential for the company. This metric shows the performance of the business as well as how it develops. The result encourages the team to work harder to reach the goal. The business also remains competitive with accurate calculations.